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Halloween Decorating & My Favorite Halloween Movies

Halloween Decorating

Dexter & the gang

As you all know, Halloween’s coming up! My way of getting in the Halloween spirit is of course by decorating! Hope you all like my Scary Halloween Centerpiece!

Not very appetizing – I know. Especially with the smell of rotting pumpkin. Oh PS, that Petroleum Jelly trick didn’t work. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do not refer to my previous post on pumpkin preservation… the internet source was full of shat)
I don’t know if my 0.99$ Pumpkin was a lost cause from the beginning, if I messed it up with my FAR from green thumb or if I made it worse by rubbing it with Vaseline, but I had to put it on my balcony to keep my place from smelling like a dying Pumpkin. Not before I took this picture though! Poor Dex.

Trick to cheap decorating – do it last minute! I got the cute Fall reef at Michael’s for 80% of it’s original price! As well as the foam skull – which I will be using even after Halloween as an all year round deco piece. (After a few changes. Stay tuned for tutorial!)
Then I got a cheap smelly pumpkin and an Acorn Squash at the grocery store, added a lantern I already had & you’re all set!

Another way of getting in the Halloween Spirit, watching lots of scary movies! My favorite Halloween movies below! Lots of Tim Burton – how original, I know.

– Coraline

– Corpse Bride

– Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

& if I feel real brave:

Nightmare on Elm Street

Comment below and share your favorite scary/Halloween movies!

Funny Fact: A mix of me being in the Halloween spirit & the fact that I’ve been watching SO MUCH Dexter lately – has made me terribly paranoid. Last night as I was walking home, saw an SUV following me – that part is not paranoia,  he REALLY was following me!! I ran up my stairs and called my Mom – she helped me chill out. Woke up this morning ALIVE to my big surprise. Watched another episode of Dex & LaughedOutLoud when I realized the SUV was the exact same SUV Dexter drives! Ha ha!
I thought it was hilarious – but you know, maybe you had to be there..

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Decorating & My Favorite Halloween Movies

  1. Gremlins (scared me shitless when I was young), shining (Phil is just insane in that movie) and chucky no explanation needed… and for the pumpkin, I usually used bleach and make sure to flip it upside down for a few hours after and then turn it again so that the excess bleach doesnt go at the bottom (trust me it will rot) and your pumpkin should stay pretty for 7-10 days

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