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DIY: Tufted Headboard

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The wait is over! Today, I’m posting my headboard tutorial!

So basically, how to turn these


into this!



Where you can find it – Hardware store

How much you need

width – the size of your bed or a little bigger, mine is about 2 inches wider.

height  – depending on how tall you want it, mine is 3 1/2 feet tall. 1 foot behind the mattress & 2 1/2 feet above my bed (you need the extra foot behind the mattress – that’s what keeps it from falling on your face while you sleep!)

Upholstery Foam

Where you can find it – Fabricland

How much you need – Depends how thick it is and how cushion-y you want your headboard. Obviously, it needs to be big enough to cover the plywood. I got mine twice the size so I could have two layers of foam for extra comfort.


Where you can find it – Fabricland

How much you need – Again, enough to cover your headboard & a little extra – 1 foot in width & in height to make sure you can secure it behind with the staple gun. Whatever excess you have you can use for the buttons.

Cable Nails

Where you can find it – Hardware store

How many you need – These are what I used to nail the fabric into the plywood. I find the metal cable nails worked well. I used 19 (they came in a pack of 20)

Button Making Kit

Where you can find it – Fabricland

How many you need – You only need one button making kit (they come in different sizes, it all depends on how big you want your buttons to be – personally, the smaller the better for that tufted look)

Once you get the kit you want, buy as many buttons as you need, depending on how many buttons you want.


Where you can find it – Hardware store

Make sure the staple gun you have or buy it strong enough to staple through wood! & make sure you have extra staples – nothing worse than being half way done and having to run to the store for more!


Where you can find it – Hardware store

metal to metal adhesive is what you’ll use to glue your buttons onto the cable nails.

Step one

Layer the foam on the plywood, the fabric on the foam & nail in your cable nails.



Step two

Glue your fabric covered buttons onto the cable nails – I used painters tape to protect the fabric & anything I would use (measuring tape) to put weight on the button as the glue dries.

Step three

Staple the back and hang on your wall. I simply used L shaped brackets, screwed them onto the wall behind my mattress & sat the headboard on top. Then I pushed my bed against the headboard and Voilà!

My Inspiration

Check out the picture below – I saw it one day on Pinterest & wanted it right away. Tufted headboards can be pretty pricey, so I decided to get crafty and make my own.

Hope this inspires you to make yours too!


My Inspiration


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