Fashion & Design: Trendy vs Timeless

I always thought it was interesting how fashion and interior design are constantly inspired by one another. In its vastness – with the national trends we see in magazines, as well as on a more personal level. You can tell a lot about a person by how they dress & by how they decorate their homes. It’s really a matter of style.

Personal style is something that evolves, people change up their wardrobes just as they do their homes. But today, I’ll stick to the correlation between the world of fashion and the world of interior design. The relationship between the two, how they both evolve individually, but seem to always keep that evolution parallel.

ZEBRA PRINT – The zebra print – how many of you own or know someone who own a piece of clothing with this textile? …my point exactly.


Every trend has an expiry date, so don’t get caught up in them while decorating because that will make your room look drab in about a year.

The world of fashion is one that never sleeps. Ever notice how after every season, you need a whole new wardrobe to keep up with the outside world? For example, this summer there were lots of pattern mixed with pattern & bright colors. The cooler air outside brings a whole new set or trends. Now, darker tones of those same colors are coming out – burgundy being one of the biggest colors for fall, or so I hear.


A Timeless Space

More important than you’re space staying on trend, I find, is a timeless space. Timeless meaning the style is timeless, it is not of a certain season or era. In order to do so, when building, renovation or redecorating, beware of the trends!!!

It’s easier to change your nail polish than it is buying all new sweaters. Likewise, it’s easier to change a throw or a pillow than it is a sofa. Keeping the big stuff neutral tones and adding some pop of color or pattern with accessories – through lampshades, pillows, flowers and even the photos in your frames.

A lot of us, me included, change their opinion of what’s beautiful because of trends. I loved coral this summer, probably would’ve wanted a coral lamp or pillows etc. because at the time, I thought it was just so pretty. Now, it’s burgundy. I am loving it, even bought a winter coat with some burgundy on it. Sure it’s a nice color, but the whole coat buying thing was influenced by the trend! So when making decision for a timeless space, keep in mind, trends make people do STUPID things! Need I remind you all of the mullet?

In order for your space to stay looking beautiful – timeless, be aware of what the trends are and how your decisions might be influences by them. Instead of buying into the what’s hot in interiors & making your room trendy for the season – make your room beautiful for you. Go for things you’ve always loved, colors that make you smile, pieces you’ve had for a while that have meaning and value. Staying away from trends will keep you’re room from having an expiry date!

STAYING AWAY FROM TRENDS – another way to have a timeless space, do something different. Library/dinning room: nothing particularly trendy about this space, but it is beautiful and will stay beautiful for years to come.

Keeping it fresh

It’s OK to incorporate some trendy colors through temporary accents. You want the space to always feel fresh and new. My one tip for a timeless space is to never consider it finished. In order to get a fresh space, you need to go back to basics and edit it constantly.

The best way to edit your space, as Nate Berkus says over and over, shop your home. Find a new spot for everything, change the pictures in your frames, change the layout in your bookshelf. Paint old pieces a fresh bright color, like a dresser, or a lamp base. This constant editing of your rooms will give life to your old stuff. Putting old forgotten pieces on display will give you a greater appreciation for those unique pieces all while updating the feel of your space.


2 thoughts on “Fashion & Design: Trendy vs Timeless

  1. And if you just HAVE to follow a trend, keep it confined to one small room. If you can’t say no to animal prints, convert a half-bath over and keep it contained. When the next trend pops up in about 6 weeks, you can swap out your lions and tigers and bears for jewel tones or pinstripes or beach themes. Much cheaper, much less junky, and much less disappointing.

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