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Here’s a post with some ideas for my nephew’s new bedroom. It’s a new phase for this little guy, who is turning 2 this Spring, moving from a nursery to a big boy room. I’m sharing photos and ideas on my blog as inspiration for a room he can grow up in.

Feel free to comment or share links of clever ways to make a kids bedroom one that can evolve with the kid, comment box below!

Chalkboard Painted Walls

Chalkboard Painted Walls

Chalkboard/Magnetic Walls

The bedroom shown above is for an older boy, but I am thinking this chalkboard paint is kind of amazing. Kids will probably end up writing on walls anyway, so why not make it a feature in the room. The color of the paint can be black like a real chalkboard, which I personally think is great for a boy, but if you’re not a fan, I’m pretty sure it comes in numerous colors.

Now get ready for the big shocker – there is such a thing as magnetic paint! or a magnetic primer I should say. Layered under any paint color, it can turn any wall into a gigantic magnetized canvas!

This is a super versatile solution for a kids bedroom, it can hold magnetized letters or numbers, photos, his drawings and if he ever gets tired of it, it can just as easily be a plain wall. It’s also good for hanging things without damaging the walls – you can glue magnets on pretty much anything, just takes a little DIY!

I’m also really liking the dark shelves on top of the dark wall, it gives the impression that the knick knacks on the shelf are floating. A shelf is also a storing/decor solution that will be good for year. Whether its to hold Mickey Mouse stuff or for his favorite sport team’s memorabilia¬†, open shelving is great for any age.

Last thing I wanna talk about with this room is the color. I like that all the primary colors are being featured in this space. Makes it a fun place to play in & is also an easy way to incorporate color in an impermanent way. I like the idea of keeping the main wall color a neutral – whether it be dark color like this one, a tan or a white – makes the room one that can evolve as the kid grows up – if it were me, I’d steer clear from the baby blue or pink, unless you really like painting walls!

IKEA Kids Storage

IKEA Kid Storage

Now lets talk about what you need in a kid’s bedroom. STORAGE is a biggie. Here are 4 Ikea units put together to create a whole wall of toy storage, which is great if you happen to have a lot of toys. What’s also great is that you can also break the units up and use just the one. All up to you. The reason I like this unit is the versatility. As you can see, the bins come in different sizes and colors. Which means you can mix and match, you can change it up for pretty cheap.

I was also thinking when I saw this storage unit, wouldn’t it be great if these came with the option: shelving or bins. So I thought a good way to have both – open shelves for books and bins for toys – would be to buy a regular shelving unit, like a bookcase, and buy some of these bins to put on the lower part of the bookcase!

IKEA Kid's Table

IKEA Kid Table

Here’s another IKEA room. I liked the little kid’s table in this room, which is actually two tables put together. Again, up to you if you want just the one, or buy the two along with as many chairs as you want.

IKEA Bed Frame and More Chalkboard Paint

IKEA Bed Frame and More Chalkboard Paint

I like this room which has used some chalkboard paint sort of as a back splash.Now the SUNDVIK bed frame, I’m not sure it’s appropriate for a 2 year old but I really don’t know…

IKEA Bookcase

IKEA Bookcase

The bookcase here is great for that open shelf storage I was talking about, and could even fit some baskets or bins on the bottom for toys.

So this is all I’ve got, I will update this post as I find more inspiration. Ciao for now!


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