Hello everyone!
This is the part where I get to tell you all a bit about myself. First of all I was born in a small french town outside of the nation’s capital… OK, this might take a while. Let’s skip to the present, how I came about starting this blog and what this blog is all about. If you haven’t figured it out yet by the pictures, I’m an interior design fanatic and I’ve decided to start this web page to share with everyone my favorite interiors as well as some great tips and tricks for making your house a home. Cute, right?

As a 20 year old, I’ve spent a little over 16 years in a classroom – I didn’t like Kindergarten – listing my occupation in every new profile I created as ‘Student’. Over the past few months and while creating this webpage, I realized that my occupation changed. Along with the HUGE gut feeling that I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose and some other factors, my decision to make a change in that department and to follow my passion resulted in my drop out from University. I am no longer studying Communications, or any other University program – insert gasps. I will be following classes shortly in a field that I’ve previously only dreamed about, my passion – design.

Hard knock life – maybe, but worth it if it means I’m doing what I love.
I still consider myself a student – living is a learning experience! My favorite subject, design, goes much deeper than aesthetics, that much I guarantee! Follow me as I grow and learn, sharing with you my lessons on fantastic design all while hopefully gettin’ some giggles out of you with my sarcastic writing style.


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